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Tom Chapman Tom Chapman readily admits that he does not fit into the category of “fiction writer”, but he is a story teller, and much prefers to seek out emotional qualities that are inherent in real life situations and events. Although Tom very much enjoys humour, which provides a pleasant relief from the pressures of our daily lives, life is obviously more than this. Therefore there are many different emotions expressed to take the reader on a varied journey through life.

Text of poems is being added from time to time, for your reading on line.

As these poems are read, most, if not all, readers will relate to events in their own lives which have evoked similar responses. And here and there are a few contemplative, or even challenging, pieces, prompted by Tom's own experiences and responses to life, which is viewed from a Christian perspective. And “Christian”, to Tom, is not just a set of religious rules, but a personal relationship with the living Lord Jesus Christ, and this affects his way of life and his view of the world.

And Tom adds; "Your email response to this site, its content, or my philosophy of life would be very much appreciated. All emails will receive a reply." books@tgchapman.com

“God provides us with a rich tapestry of life, and we can do no better than to live it for His glory.”

Two new books, "From a Different Perspective", and "Fifty Two Sonnets of Glory and Grace" are now available.

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“VERSE AFTER WORK” at Tamworth Library

The sixth annual poetry evening with fellow poet, Michael Thorley was held on last December, (2015), at the Tamworth Library. Unfortunately, circumstances have meant that we are unable to hold what would have been a seventh evening in 2016. But we look forward to what 2017 has for us—keep checking this page.
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Listen to Tom Chapman at Tamworth Library's poetry night in 2010
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