From a Different Perspective



This volume contains new and previously unpublished verse covering a variety of styles and subject matter.

But with the years passing on at a seemingly ever increasing rate—the author has seen eighty summers come and go—things are viewed from a different perspective; our mortality is becoming more of an issue to be reckoned with.


Excerpt from the Foreword

Tom moves and challenges us on a variety of themes. His opening verse, “The Final Act”, reminds us of how easy it is to judge from externals and realise someone’s worth too late, when in a time of crisis and self-sacrifice their true value becomes apparent. On TV, I hear ads relentlessly claiming that nine out of ten people use this particular product and my response is to question what proof they have for these claims. If you have felt this way then, like me, you’ll relate to the poem, “Cynic”.

In “Sorry, Mate” and “Promises”, Tom outlines the devastating human and environmental impacts brought about by cost-saving measures to emergency services and the empty promises of greedy mining companies. “Why Did They Die?” castigates the evil and inhumanity rife in the world that cuts short the lives of school children, whilst “Last Words” provides a poignant recount of the final moments of a young child with leukaemia who, in his moment of death, proclaimed Jesus’ love.

Yes, it is this Christian perspective that permeates Tom’s poetry and you will read poems that attest to his faith in the “Mysteries” of what the mind cannot always understand and his appreciation of those generations who have led the way before him (see “Lucinda” and “She Smiled”).