The brain said, “Now go!”
The body said, “No,
I no longer do what I'm told;
When life's at this stage
Please recognize age-
Admit that you're now getting old.”

I don't feel too bad
(But this is quite sad)
It's not how I feel now that counts;
At threescore and ten
It's almost “Amen”.
The body has lost all it's bounce.

I remember well,
We'd run 'round pellmell
And then could keep going all day;
But now all I do:
A minute or two;
The physique says, “Give it away!”

Yet all is not lost
With these bridges crossed,
Life's not quite all gone down the drain,
I still like to think
A hot chocolate drink
Gives me what is far from mundane.

For that's what is mine,
Each night about nine,
To wash down my blood pressure pill.
It staves off the day
Till I'm gone away
To final rest out on boot hill.

But that's how life goes;
First noise, then echoes
And ripples we leave when we're gone.
So mind how you live,
You've something to give;
A legacy which shall live on.

© Tom Chapman 2005





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