Death came and went un-noticed there
The busy world passed by
Engrossed, and showed no outward care
That one alone should die.

For out of sight the body lay
As life came to its end,
And none there was a word to say;
Acquaintance nor a friend.

No tolling bell, no mournful tone,
To tell that life had gone;
Then stripped of all save coat and bone:
No flesh, no eye that shone.

Though this was but a sparrow's end,
To us, its voice cries out
That many now don't comprehend
The sadness all about;

We're taken up with selfishness
And care for "number one",
While others lie in loneliness
As their last breath is done.

Don't let the fault be mine or yours
When next we hear the news
That someone else behind closed doors
Has died a lone recluse.

© Tom Chapman 2004