Arthur And The Brown Paper Bag (excerpts)

I worked there in Melbourne with Arthur—
It's fifty years now since those days—
A bit of a practical joker
As this little story portrays.

- - - - - -
- - - - - -

Now Arthur was for a performance,
And this one was too good to miss.
An audience, just what he wanted,
Was gath'ring to witness all this.

- - - - -

He grabbed the uppermost corner,
The one that was still nice and clean,
Then up past the inspector's nose—
His face turned a nice shade of green.

The sight of what hovered before him;
The odour, the Pentavite yellow
Was more than he'd even considered,
Completely undid the poor fellow.

- - - - -
And Arthur's great public performance
Was cheered and applauded by all.

© Tom Chapman 2006