The Builders

Now Paddy and Mick were both builders,
A regular registered team.
Together they did some impeccable work
With many a joist and a beam.

And Mick, he did most of the thinking,
But Paddy did most of the work.
So Paddy would labour all day in the sun,
And Mick would act more like a clerk.

One day Mick went out to check Paddy
Was nailing the weatherboards on.
But half of the nails he was tossing away;
Mick saw they would soon all be gone.

"Now what are you doing there Paddy?
"Them nails cost money you know."
"I use all the ones that are pointing away,
"If they're pointing to me, well they go."

"Oh Paddy, now don't be so daft man,
"And just use your God-given nous.
"The ones that are pointing to you, my good friend,
"Are for opposite side of the house!"

© Tom Chapman 2008