The Currabubula Art Show


Now country towns aplenty have their schemes to draw a throng,
Like Inverell, Narrandera, Peak Hill, Wandiligong.
And it's the tourist dollar that's the subject of the quest;
The reason for the big event, perhaps a music fest.

But then there's Currabubula, a village quite unique.
They have an annual art show held in May for half a week.
They don't have any motels to be rated by the star,
But people and the artworks all arrive from near and far.

The drawings and the paintings are magnificent to view,
And not just from Australia, now it's international too.
And though its reputation's known, (it's growing year by year)
There seems to be a spirit that is somewhat different here.

Oh yes, they charge an entrance fee, five dollars at the door;
They'd happily accept it if you offered any more.
The profits are all earmarked, (may there never be a loss)
They're not for Currabubula, but all for the Red Cross.

© Tom Chapman 2007