Weather Forecasting

The natural world around us never ceases to amaze;
As we observe it all it's just beyond our comprehension.
And we can even tell when we are in for rainy days;
We only need to give the ants a bit of our attention.

And have you ever wondered how the ants know what to do?
They're suddenly so busy just before it becomes rainy.
And we watch all their action and we know full well it's true,
Those tiny little creatures, they're industrious, and brainy.

The other day I wondered, as I saw them running round;
They seemed to stop just now and then, and have a conversation.
I got down close and listened, with my ear right to the ground,
And what I heard was nothing short of nature's revelation.

The young one asked the old one what this busyness was for,
And, "Why is everybody caught up in this rush and fuss now"?
"Now listen lad. It's going to rain, it's really going to pour.
We know because the humans are so busy watching us now."

© Tom Chapman 2007