Last Words


He’d not yet seen ten summers pass, but life was nearly gone;
The innocence of youth would never fade.
Leukaemia had taken hold and held a fatal grip,
And parents quietly stood, and watched, and prayed,

For they accepted from God’s hand the pleasant and the tough,
They knew that life, at times, does not seem fair;
And now, as much as ever, they felt helpless as they saw
That listless body limply lying there.

Their young son’s tender spirit was committed to the Lord;
Simplicity of faith was all he had;
And very soon the suffering that all too long he had known
Would cease for ever for this little lad.

And in that poignant moment then a thought came to her mind,
And quietly she asked her dying boy:
“When you see Jesus will you tell him that I love him, ——— ?”
What happened next, then filled her heart with joy.

Her son had turned away from her, his gaze fixed somewhat higher,
As if there were someone for this request;
Then, “Jesus, Mummy loves you”, was heard faintly from his lips...
And he had gone to his eternal rest.

© Tom Chapman 2014