Log Fires And Sunsets

The beauty of the sunset in a fading western sky—
The panorama changing in the clouds of red and gold—
At times will take us back to years ago, and days gone by,
When winter's darkness ushered in another night of cold.

And we would then all gather 'round our cosy open fire,
Its smell of gum tree smoke and sounds of crackling, burning wood.
With toasting forks made up from twisted eight gauge fencing wire,
Thick chunks of bread cooked over coals, and life was pretty good.

Those family times were special as we'd sit around and chat,
Enjoying toast and cocoa as we watched the embers glow.
The flick'ring flames of orange gold and reddening embers that
Repeated sunset colours of an hour or two ago.

Those burning logs had lived through years of sunsets as they'd grown,
And, day by day, absorbed the changing colours of the light.
Now hidden flaming beauty would be fleetingly made known,
As years and years of sunsets were consumed in one cold night.

© Tom Chapman 2008