A Measure Of Spice and Other Poems



Excerpt from the Introduction:

At the age of seventy five, I am beginning to witness the departure from this life of many of my contemporaries, which is a stark reminder that, in spite of medical advances, the end of this life is approaching and, ultimately, cannot be avoided. We do not live on here for ever. As a Christian this situation holds no fears for me, and I wish that everyone else felt the same.

But Christians are normal people with senses of humour and a full range of emotions, so the poetry in this book is as varied as life itself.

You, dear reader, may not agree with my point of view in some things, but you will find much to think about, laugh at, and enjoy in this miscellany.


Excerpt from the Foreword

We add 'a measure of spice' to our food to enhance its flavour. Sometimes we use but a little; at other times we add considerable amounts.

What an apt picture of life! While many days just seem to pass by in the ordinary and the mundane, some are punctuated by the extraordinary and memorable - events both great and small that shape our lives. And just as spices are so varied and distinctive, so are the influences and experiences that mould us. They bring tears of joy and laughter, sorrow and pain.

Tom Chapman ... has captured the 'spice of life' in all its variety, here in this little treasury of poems, written 'Toward the Common Man'.

What do we value in life? Corporate Greed' is a solemn reminder of the selfishness that can pervade business, while 'Christmas time' makes us think about the mixed messages we often give. Throughout his writing, you will see the deep and abiding Christian faith Tom has, that gives him the strength to face life's challenges and live in the certain hope of life beyond the grave.

Joy Mayfield: B.Mus. Ed., D.S.C.M., L. Mus. A
Accelerated Literacy Regional Support Officer, SW Sydney, NSW Dep't of Education
August 2010