Seniors' Driving?


I've heard disturbing news reports affecting older folk;
Suggestions from the powers that be; first sounded like a joke.
It seems though that they're serious and want to make a law:
The furthest that old folk can drive is ten clicks from their door.

Now we've all heard statistics, so it's sometimes hard to find
The logic and the thinking of the bureaucratic mind.
They tell us that it's close to home most accidents occur,
So bringing in a rule like this is bound to cause a stir.

For keeping oldies close to home is where the risk is great;
The biggest chance of getting pranged is right by their front gate.
The boffins in their offices keep their agenda hid,
You wonder what they're aiming at, and who they're trying to kid.

Now are the seniors' benefits becoming hard to pay?
And is our great establishment now searching for a way
To do away with old folk, while appearing not too rash,
And so reduce the payouts from the economic cash?

And figures also tell us that a certain younger group
Show irresponsibility when they have left the coop.
With high powered cars and open roads, no care for life and limb,
With little real experience, results are often grim.

The oldies, on the other hand, know what it's like to drive,
And not a single one of us has died by twenty five!
We've done our share behind the wheel for fifty years or more,
And don't like what's been said behind an ivory tower's door.

But if the bureaucrats insist, and just won't budge or give,
And really will not let me drive too far from where I live;
I think I've got the answer now; no need to fret and foam.
I'm going to sell my fixed address and buy a motor home!

© Tom Chapman 2007