The Day It Snowed At School

Now only very rarely does it snow in Melbourne town,
So it was quite a spectacle when flakes came floating down
All soft and white, and piling up against the old school wall.
So two of us excused ourselves from class, as I recall.

The toilets were outside there, and across the playground yard;
So that's where we were headed, and at first with no regard
As to who might be watching as we made good our escape;
But I, when glancing sideways, saw a very well known shape.

It was a master, good at maths, but sense of humour, nil,
Disrupting our excursion to the snow in winter's chill.
And I was glad I spotted him, and so chose not to run,
My mate though, ran ahead, his goose was cooked, the deed was done.

So Toby J. O'Brien, that maths master, stern and gruff,
Determined to detain this lad, for he had seen enough
Of running through the corridors and down the concrete stairs,
But of what was to come, he was completely unawares.

And my mate then was first outside, and scooped a pile of snow
And waited there for me to come before he'd let it go.
He heard the footsteps near the door, and got his timing right;
But Toby stepped into the path, and wore it - snowy white!

'Twas back in forty eight, I think, or was it forty nine?
And does he still remember it, this little mate of mine?
(For Toby didn't see the joke in this outburst of fun)
He copped five days' detention to consider what he'd done.

© Tom Chapman 2008