A Measure Of Spice


Some spice is bitter, some is sweet,
But never two the same.
Some things in life bring glory while
Some others carry shame.

And often days will make their way
So seemingly to plan;
But other times the unforeseen
Will set the fate of man.

There are the seasons to enjoy,
Each bright and fruitful day;
But life, at times, will load us down
With burdens on our way.

We have the highs, we have the lows,
And all things in between,
Rejoicing in success we have;
Regret the might-have-been.

When days are easy we can share
Another traveller's load;
But there will come a time when we
Need help along life's road.

Thus no man is an island here;
We both receive and give.
'Tis well to have a travelling friend
While ever we shall live.

Life to each one is measured out,
It's not by idle whim.
God knows the way we take through life,
It's best to walk with Him.

© Tom Chapman 2010