This One Suits Me Fine


At last, the long awaited day; the little lad turned eight.
A promise now to be fulfilled, no longer had to wait.
So when his dad had finished all the early morning chores
They went to town to pick a pup: "Son, this one will be yours."

Young Johnny didn't really want a working dog just yet,
But one to wander round the farm with, as a personal pet.
For Dad had dogs that went with him, but they all earned their keep
Responding to the whistles when out rounding up the sheep.

So Johnny looked at all the pups fenced in their little yard;
With elbows leaning on the rail, he studied each one hard.
With wagging tails, they played around, and seemed so full of joy
As each one tried to sell itself to one small happy boy.

And then he noticed, at the back, one sitting quite apart
From all of the activity; and this one won his heart.
His mind made up, he beckoned, and he caught the dealer's eye,
"I'll take that one please sir", he said, "It's him I'd like to buy".

"I'm not sure that you understand, he won't be that much fun,
He's got a crippled hip, you see, and he can't really run".
But Johnny's mind was quite made up, he fully understood
What it was like to be left out because he was no good

At running round with other kids; and he missed many a game.
So this pup would be one with him, in spite of being lame.
The lad pulled up his trouser leg, "You see this leg of mine?
It's withered and I'm crippled too, so this one suits me fine".

© Tom Chapman 2007