...Of War

Young men have gone to heed their nation's call,
And women also heard the battle cry,
And left their loved ones burdened with concern...
The wretchedness of war.

Young people in the bloom of youth are lost;
The seed of unborn children dies with them.
Thus parents cheated from grandparenthood...
The wastefulness of war.

And some lie lost, un-named on foreign soil;
Where friend and foe alike have crossed the line.
They sleep unknown, but not forgotten in
The wilderness of war.

The blast of bombs takes all without a choice,
And shrapnel maims whoever is in range.
Death has a non-discriminating toll...
The wildness of war.

There, old and young alike have suffered with
Destruction of their homes and way of life
Where slaughter of the innocents occurs...
The wickedness of war.

And all the generations of mankind
Since time began, (and still they carry on)
Have proved, no doubt, that war will not end war...
The witlessness of war

And so expect until the end of time
The angry and the powerful will strive.
Defenders and peacemakers must accept
Necessity of war.

© Tom Chapman 2008