What If Christmas Was A Fable?


When farmers get together, they will talk about the weather
Or cattle prices and the crops they've sown.
And city folk when meeting, with a customary greeting,
Talk footy and the new cars that they own.

And while some things are needed, there are greater things not heeded
In the thoughts of many folk these days.
To them, it doesn't matter what comes after this life's clatter.
"A salad roll with extra mayonnaise."

Some things may be important, but remember that we oughtn't
Neglect the ones that really matter most.
For we're not here for ever, and although we think we're clever,
We just don't know when we'll give up the ghost.

What if the good book's true in what it says of me and you?
Ignoring that is risky, any time.
Ignoring Jesus' cross would give us all eternal loss.
Consider that while life is in its prime.

For by and large we find that we are all somewhat behind
The perfect life that holiness demands.
It wouldn't take too long to find we'd all done some things wrong,
And finish up in judgement's awful hands.

Now we can't change past error, but in Jesus, our sin bearer,
Forgiveness there awaits for you and me.
Admit our degradation, confess sin, receive salvation.
This gift from Jesus, absolutely free.

I don't know why folk wait, or even why they hesitate
To put things right with such a holy God.
For time is getting short, and so we all then really ought
To find Him while we're still above the sod.

What if there was no stable? What if Christmas was a fable?
And what if there was none to pay sin's cost?
For that's the real reason that we celebrate this season:
When Jesus came to seek and save the lost

© Tom Chapman 2007